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Examine the problems associated with Li Ning trying to become a global brand. The next chapter is about the finding and analysis of those gathered data in questionnaire feedbacks. On JanuaryLi-Ning opened its U. Besides, country of origin COO also has a negative impact on product and brand evaluation among young Chinese consumers.

Ethics in sport marketing typically refers to whether the traditional 4Ps of the marketing mix are deployed within a moral and professional code Hoye, Marketing Strategies The objectives have been set.

They are of value to the customer They are better than that of the majority of other competitors They are difficult to imitate or replicate 4p analysis of li ning and Li Ning have the same competitors such as Reebok, Adidas, Fila, Converse, and New Balance.

On the other aspect, the policy will not change rules for controlling the organisation or collecting more tax, this helps LI-NING to compete with mighty foreign sports brand to occupy the market share of nation. With ever advancing technology and increasing competition in sporting goods industries, prices and profits in the segment are falling considerably.

The marketing organization can adopt one of three market-coverage strategies: Firstly, market positioning has been shown how a business can offer superior value by strategies that add value or reduce costs. Marketing Objective Marketing objectives are short term tactical objectives, which is narrow focused, detailed in terms of schedules, costs and actions required to achieve the stated objectives.

Target market segments Market segmentation Before deciding the target market segment, it should make market segmentation. Adopts a multi-brand business development strategy and distributes products underZ-DO brand via hypermarket channel.

Actually, every buyer has individual needs, preferences, resources and behaviors. Because of this Nike and Li Ning usually set up their shop in big city or some rich town. Market positioning To make a market positioning, it should choose a strategy to position it and apply a suitable tool to analyse.

Improve the whole design to the every detail of the website. Doyle indicates that in the marketing goals that the marketing plan should have a clear sales goal. Meanwhile, to choose an appropriate strategy to position product, it is possible to beat competitors. Additionally, it has the function to protect foot when people putted on shoes.

Moreover, consumers can easily switch to other sporting goods with little cost or consequence. Economic Johnson suggest that it is the economic structure of external organisation, industry distribution, resources situation, the level of economic development and the trend of economy in the future.

Research approaches and methods First of all, the researcher compares two research approaches between deductive and inductive methods.

In addition, with the potential growth and importance of younger segments, Li ning has moved its sight towards them However, using consumer ethnocentrism to affect the purchase decision of young urban Chinese may not work, because Javalgi and Whitep.

The researcher is going to explain the details in hypothesis and explain the views from the director and customers of LNC. They promise to make their products easily available worldwide through the use of retail outlets and their company web site. Also the consumers on the market have personality characteristics such as love sports, strong sense of revered hero and sports stars, lively thinking and imagination.

The strength and direction of advertisement. There are three ways for enterprises to position market.

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It is a business wide range function. However, the core market is the middle-end market. As the chief executive of Li Ning Co. A market segment is a customer group with one or more characteristics that cause them to demand similar product.

Li Ning should also venture into the higher income group and those who are active in sports. However, within the development of LNC, it always wants to compete with retail giants Nike and Adidas for a good share in the sports retail market. To protect it-self, Li Ning can select buyers who have the least power to negotiate or switch brands.

Marketing Analysis of Li-Ning

Generate increased sales revenues to break-even. The sportswear market is driven by strong branding and globalised manufacturing, led by two giant brands which are Nike and Adidas.

Li Ning Marketing Plan Essay

However, as for sports industry, the ideal age should be young people from years old. This sequence is known as the product life cycle and is associated with changes in the marketing situation, thus impacting the marketing strategy and the marketing mix.

Allow customers to bid for the latest products online during a limited period.And also, Li Ning's new slogan of the business was changed to "Make The Change", the brand new logo abstract the original Li Ning business label to a new image which means the period of product positioning began to change.

Li Ning Marketing Plan. International Conference on Future Information Technology and Management Science & Engineering Lecture Notes in Information Technology, Vol - Li Ning Marketing Plan introduction. 14 Marketing Plan for Li-Ning Product Expansion in UK Xin Zhang Dept. of Sports Economics & Management, Wuhan Inst.

The Difficult Brand Revitalization of Li-Ning

of P. E. Li Ning Company Limited (Li Ning) is a manufacturer and distributor of sports goods. The company’s product portfolio includes footwear, apparel and accessories for sport and leisure use. It operates through franchised, self-operated retail outlets and online mi-centre.com: € Li Ning¡¦s growth rate is 23%p lower than Nike¡¦s and 13%p lower than Adidas¡¦.

Li Ning owns a well-established distribution channel, a powerful R&D team, and broad brand awareness in the China market. Li, B. (). ‘LI-NING's Guo unveils global expansion strategy’. Analysis 1.

Marketing Strategy of Li Ning Company Sample

13 August P Mintzberg, H.(). The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning. Basic Books. Qiang, L. (). LI-NING company actively contribute doing good With womens foundation to help the people in the disaster area crossing the difficulties in yunnan.

Apr 20,  · buy LI-NING is not because LI-NING is a sporting brand, just because LI-NING is a popular brand and it is not expensive.

In China, price of LI-NING is superiority Words: — Pages: 4.

4p analysis of li ning
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