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The most predominant view is one of a violent beer drinking fisherman. I think the film would have been viewed by more people because of the actors they have chosen to play the characters. The fact that he bashes his wife shows that his values system is one that supports violence towards women.

They provided the viewer with an insight into the view of masculinity. The target age for the book was around 14 to 18 year old however the film being more suited to 16 or 17 years old, due to classifications.

The film Australian Rules was successfully shows the wilderness of Australian life, and the racism that still exists in Australia. Lisa Flanagan played Clarence, she acted in many TV shows and films, including: The film tried to make sure the characters acted more like teens and tried to connect more with its audience.

He had beaten Blacky because he saw him with Clarence in one bed. The effect these changes had on the audience was interesting. I think the film tries to appeal to its audience more than the book did.

He also shows that the men in town think that their children should grow up exactly like them instead of letting them become their own person. I think they chose some of the right actors to play these characters, but there were many attributes portrayed in the book characters compared to the film characters.

Dumby is the star of the football team and likely to become the next big Aboriginal star in the big leagues. Disgruntled, Dumby and his cousin Pretty Tony Briggs attempt to rob the bar where the celebrations were held, hoping to find the best-on-ground medal.

When gameday arrives Blacky at first struggles to make an impact on the game but Dumby inspires the team kicking several goals. In the film the music helped to make it seem more dramatic and help to build up the film.

After returning home he is confronted by Bob and is told he is no longer welcome in his house due to his relationship with Clarence. The book, gave you feel that there was many unanswered questions and gave the feeling that the family may be able to over their dads abusive ways.

Australian Rules – Directed by Paul Goldman Essay

The film changed my feelings on certain characters, compared to the book. In my opinion the film, Australian Rules, was better than the book, Deadly Unna? The actor who played Gary was also seen in Wolf Creek and Neighbours along with less known movies and television series.

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The main character in the book and film were Gary Black; the side line characters that still played a main role but were not a main character were: Australia is a diverse country that encompasses a multi-cultural population including the traditional land the aboriginal community.

Due to Australia being a relatively new country buildings and houses are generally a modern design. The film is about a young man experiencing the hardships of growing up in rural South Australia.

Bob is questioned by police over the shooting but is let off on the grounds of self-defense.

The characters in both the book and the film were very much the same. Bob sneaks up behind Dumby and fires a shot into the figure in the darkness.

Dumby is the star of the football team and likely to become the next big Aboriginal star in the big leagues. Australian people are generally friendly, honest, and excepting of others.

The men in the film Australian Rules are coward, racist, nasty, alcoholic, smokers, swears a lot, risk takers; bad parenting and they show a very bad image to the young Australian man well not just Australian man everyone. The characters in the book were almost the same as the characters portrayed in the film.

Plot[ edit ] In the isolated and fictional South Australian fishing town of Prospect Bay, the only thing that connects the black and white communities is football. The next morning Bob discovers them in bed and beats Blacky. Blacky has to overcome Thumper, the star player for the opposition.

The player kicks a point and Blacky has to run into Thumper to stop him from kicking the winning goal.

All the actors in Australian Rules have previously been seen on TV.Australian Rules, is a drama film directed by Paul Goldman. The film was adapted from the novels Deadly, Unna? and Nukkin Ya by Phillip Gwynne.

It stars Nathan Phillips, Luke Carroll, Tom Budge, Brian Torry and Lisa Flanagan. We will write a custom essay sample on “Australian Rules” essay specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Aug 29,  · Australian Rules is a small film. Even by Australian standards. Yet I think it is a highly important film. It is understandable that the local Aboriginal community may not have wanted to participate in this production.

It was probably too close for comfort/10(). 1 Australian Rules A feature film for Secondary and Tertiary students About the film Australian Rules is the story of 16 year old Gary Black – average football player, budding wordsmith and reluctant hero.

It is set in a remote South Australian fishing.

Australian Rules essaysA film producer's motives for making a film are varied but they all have a common goal, that is, they aim to provide the viewer with an insight into a certain topic or issue.

'Australian Rules', directed by Paul Goldman, looks at. The essay will be talking about the Negative representation of white Australian in the film Australian rules, and racism to support the argument. Australia is a diverse country that encompasses a multi-cultural population including the .

Australian rules movie essay
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