Essay on andaman and nicobar islands

The law was enforced in the state 18 years ago to curb terrorism.

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Zone I of least damage risk includes the places of some parts of Punjab and Haryana, plain areas of Uttar Pradesh, portions of plains of Bihar and west Bengal, delta area of the Godavari, coastal plain areas of Maharashtra and Kerala, desert areas of Rajasthan and most areas of Gujarat except Kutch area.

Of course, there are many assumptions which do not always hold good, thereby introducing large errors in the result. The earthquake caused by violent volcanic eruption of Karakatoa in caused enormous tsunamis which generated It may be pointed out that the IMD uses body wave for the measurement of seismic magnitude while the USA uses shock waves for this purpose.

Goodman dies at That is, they are related to an earthquake- related mechanism of generation.

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The theory of plate tectonics offers a comprehensive explanation for several geological phenomena — continental drift, mountain building and volcanism, and, of course, earthquake. Nightingales This group is followed by the nightingales and allies.

Earthquakes are also caused by volcanic activity. There may still be additional species hiding in the stonechat complex. Only two have occurred in this ocean including one on December 26, David Warner Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Writer, director Philip S. Note that Robin et al. This day is annually observed on the death anniversary of seventh Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Since P waves travel at a speed of about 8 km per second and S waves at 5 km per second, it is possible to compute the distance of their origin from the seismic record.

India became one of the first countries to declare a national commitment to set up appropriate institutional mechanisms for more effective disaster management at the national, state and district levels.

The clade includes the Buff-streaked Chat, Campicoloides bifasciatus, which Illera et al. The occurrence of maximum number of earthquakes in this region is due to four ideal conditions— i Junction of continental and oceanic margins ii Zone of young folded mountains iii Zone of active volcanoes iv Subduction zone of destructive or convergent plate boundaries Mid-Continental Belt: Shah on Direct Tax Matters Constituted.

The non-structural approach calls for removing populations from the flood plains. Each gauge has a very sensitive pressure recorder on the sea floor in which can detect the change in the height of the ocean it even if it is by just one cm. Of the nearly 7, km long coastline, more than 5, km is prone to cyclones.

The earthquake belt extends through Sulaiman and Kirthar shear zones in the west, the Himalayas in the north and Burmese arc in the east.

PM six days visit was a part of Act East Policy. In high-rises, enlarged structures on the top floors should be avoided.


The location of the epicentre of a quake is determined from the time of arrival of the P and S waves at the seismographic station. Microsoft launches Edu-Cloud for institutions in India: Each earthquake differs from the other and thus it becomes difficult to classify all the earthquakes into certain categories.

Disaster management has therefore emerged as a high priority. A tsunami is a series of travelling ocean waves which are set off by geological disturbances near the floor of the ocean.

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The number indicating magnitude or intensity M on Richter scale ranges between 0 and 9 but in fact the scale has no upper limit of number because it is a logarithmic scale.Southeast Asia or Southeastern Asia is a subregion of Asia, consisting of the countries that are geographically south of China, east of India, west of New Guinea and north of Australia.

Southeast Asia is bordered to the north by East Asia, to the west by South Asia and Bay of Bengal, to the east by Oceania and Pacific Ocean, and to the south by. Gray Bushchat, Saxicola ferreus White-bellied Bushchat, Saxicola gutturalis Whinchat, Saxicola rubetra White-browed Bushchat, Saxicola macrorhynchus White-throated Bushchat, Saxicola insignis Pied Bushchat, Saxicola caprata White-tailed Stonechat, Saxicola leucurus Stejneger's Stonechat, Saxicola stejnegeri Siberian Stonechat, Saxicola maurus Canary Islands.

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Southeast Asia

Essay # 1. Introduction to Earthquake: An earthquake is a major demonstration of the power of the tectonic forces caused by endogenetic thermal conditions of the interior of. The tribes of India are classified into different groups on the basis of geographical location, language, race and levels of their socioeconomic development.

The tribes of India form an important part of Indian population. Tribal population in India constitutes % of Indian Population according to. There are two aspects of early warning system. One is the availability of an effective technique to forecast the disaster with its extent and the other is effective communication of the same to the civil authority responsible for rescue operations.

Essay on andaman and nicobar islands
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