Flaws in the design of the

Generation 2 Laser Optimus Prime has a massively heavy upper body and weak knees. Cutting the nubs off has been the only consistent fix to prevent breakage, which was actually done by Hasbro for subsequent uses of the sculpt.

Power Core Combiners Mudslinger has an issue with the peg-and-socket swivels used on his thigh rotation. In addition to process improvements, virtual reality has the potential to keep those who work on jobsites safer.

The only somewhat safe way to avoid permanent damage to the toy is to cut off the rubber tabs that hold the handles firmly in place in vehicle mode. Trying to open a door by pulling on the mirror could easily result in the mirror snapping off. Astrotrain is particularly problematic due to his heavy upper body.

Some fans have found the problem to be alleviated by altering the orientation of the Titan Master; for instance, plugging it in backwards, or even sideways. Transformers Reveal the Shield Wreck-Gar features rubber handles for his motorcycle mode that are supposed to be folded back via an Automorph -style mechanism during the transformation.

This was amended by a running change, which also affected international releases of the figure. Sculpted finger "joints" that are aligned in a straight line are an obvious weak point: Not using the Automorph mechanism is a quick way to break the joints; but even using it can eventually result in breakage.

The peg is slightly too big for the socket, and the socket is made of relatively thin plastic, resulting in breakage; in some cases within hours of opening the toy. Many an Elite can be found with a half a neon plastic gear rattling around inside. When a toy is played with frequently, the plastics or metals will wear against each other, causing the friction that keeps the joints tight to lessen.

Retractable thighs A common method of transformation in Generation 1 was for the thighs of the toy to retract into the lower legs or, more accurately, for the lower legs to push up over the thighs when in vehicle or beast modethen for the thighs to extend while in robot mode.

Last month, the American Society of Safety Professionals rolled out its Fall Protection Experience appwhich uses virtual reality to simulate high-risk construction environments and prompts users to identify fall hazards.

30 Most Baffling Design Flaws of Popular Products

Some toys are particularly prone to looseness not just due to wear but also to design. The pins also have a tendency to shift, so that the rough texture of one end is holding both the strut and the piece it connects to at the same time, requiring extra force to move if not corrected.

Woe to all those kids who grew up on Beast Wars. This mostly affects accessories such as weapons. Energon Storm Jet and his redecos have a problem with the peg that connects the jet nosecone to the pelvis in robot mode the official one according to the instructions as well as in Superion Maximus mode: High Concrete Group, a division of High Companies based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was working with the architect working on a Villanova University bridge when the Microsoft HoloLens-enabled system revealed that design elements that are usually in place to ensure there are no nesting of birds, for example, had been omitted.

Cybertron Downshift has a similar problem.Almost every single one of us can think of examples of bad design in everyday life. These are 25 Serious Design Flaws In Everyday Products! Stateside, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency in April alleged that Tutor Perini and subcontractor Con-Quest Contractors installed the wrong type of rail track on more than three.

10 Design Flaws in the Average Home

Mar 21,  · The new Apple store in Chicago could get a new landlord. That is if Walton Street Capital — the Chicago-based private equity firm that purchased the structure just days before the store opened. A precast concrete company based in Pennsylvania has integrated augmented reality (AR) technology into its building information modeling program, and the move has already allowed it and one of its.

Flaw definition is - a defect in physical structure or form. How to use flaw in a sentence. a defect in physical structure or form; an imperfection or weakness and especially one that detracts from the whole or hinders effectiveness.

Hey now, we're pretty appreciative of the times we're living in -- at least we aren't wiping our asses with pine cones. But, come on, with as advanced as our society is, some nuisances that accompany things we use everyday seem pretty ridiculous. We asked you to show us the worst offenders, and gave.

Flaws in the design of the
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