How to write a chronology of events

So start with the earliest background: For example, if you are writing about the development of major league baseball, ask yourself what event probably had the most impact on the game and label it " 1.

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Your record keeping may not be perfect or complete. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of information you come across while doing research for a report, one way to organize your research materials and outline your paper at the same time is to learn how to write a timeline report.

The review chair should sign and date the chronology to indicate that it has been presented to the review and is up to date. This exemplar has been formatted to enable information about individual children and young people to be aggregated for strategic planning purposes and for completion of statistical returns required by the Department of Health, and other government departments.

For example, you can use the timeline method for writing biographical reports, book reports, how to write a chronology of events history reports--not just on world events, but science history, sports history or music history as well. Read through these, highlighting if using the computer or attaching adhesive-backed notes if using print materials.

Email 1 August Q. In a recent High Court judgement Justice Bracewell included a chronology among the records the court would expect to find in a social work file. My next blog will discuss how to collate of the document bundle.

Although a Chronology should draw on various sources of information such as previous social work files and information from other agencies, the child or young person and his or her family should be involved in the process of completing the Chronology.

So read through the chronology a few times yourself before giving it to your attorney. In the example above, almost the whole chronology could have been prepared by just referring to the document bundle. Note the events you consider important to your subject and the dates on which they occurred.

Except in the simplest of case it is not possible to correctly recollect facts and events without referring to contemporaneous documents. Divide the cards or strips of paper into three to five sections and label each section. Date of referral to social services: For example, during an initial assessment it may become clear that a child or young person has experienced considerable change either of main carer, in family composition or address.

Write each of the events you highlighted or noted on an index card or on separate strips of paper if you type them up. For example, if you are writing on the development of a character in a novel, you might label your sections as follows: Christine and her mother were supported to attend a local mother and toddler group, after which the case was closed on the 2nd of August Choose an appropriate topic for a timeline report.

Photo Credits writing image by Petro Feketa from Fotolia. Customer requests that a Credit Account be open. These articles are designed to give you ideas to consider and discuss with an attorney, but are no substitute for legal advice, and must not be used as such.

Information about children and young people is recorded under the following headings: Social Services Activity The dates at the top of the table identify when the case was referred and, where appropriate, closed.

Find at least three resources on your subject. A Chronology can help structure information to inform analysis and decision making. Compose the body of your paper using your separate groups of cards or strips as the basis for each section of your paper. Begin each section with a sentence that sets the tone or gives an overview of what the section will be about.

For a divorce, the basics will always include date of cohabitation, date of marriage, births of any children, dates when jobs of both parties stopped and started, dates of any separations, and dates when major assets such as houses were acquired and sold.

If you have to, just tell your attorney approximately when something occurred. Completing the Chronology A Chronology should be started as part of the process of completing a Core Assessment, and be updated during the period of social services involvement with the child or young person. Most cases are a lot more complex involving hundreds of events.

Email sent to Customer referring to telephone conversation and requesting payment Email 28 July Email received from Customer advising delay in payment.

For a boundary dispute, you will need the date that each party acquired their land, the names of the previous owners of each piece of land and the dates of ownership of those previous owners if known, the dates of any conversations about the disputed land, and the dates that any structures or fencing on or next to the disputed land were erected.

For example, "From toMargetta Kine wrote work for the theater that was performed all over the world. She has authored two books, "Great Ideas for Grandkids" and "Family Writes," and published more than articles for various print and online publications.So read through the chronology a few times yourself before giving it to your attorney.

If you aren’t very sure about dates (did that happen on Christmas Day or ?) check your records again. If you still can’t be sure that some of the information you have given is right, note these doubts prominently on the chronology itself.

Visit this site for Timeline Examples detailing Key dates and events. Fast facts and information for students, children & kids via the formats illustrated in Timeline Examples.

Use the format explained in the Timeline Examples to provide a record of events in the order of their occurrence.

The Chronology records all significant events and changes in the life of a child or young person.


The Chronology is an analytical tool designed to help social workers understand the impact, both immediate and cumulative, of events and changes on the child/ young person. May 31,  · Providing a detailed and accurate chronology to your lawyer is generally the most critical instruction that you need to give to him.


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What is a Chronology? A. A Chronology is a schedule that records all major events in a table form. For example. A Customer owes you $15, for a goods supplied and delivered by you to him on 30 June Writing a chronology is a major undertaking.

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It can take one to three months for WATCH staff to research, write, and edit a chronology. Give yourself plenty of time to gather your case summaries and events.

You often do not have the whole picture until you have put. Narratives and process analysis essays commonly rely on chronological order. Morton Miller points out in his book "Reading and Writing Short Essay" that the "natural order of events — beginning, middle, and end — is narration's simplest and most-used arrangement.".

How to write a chronology of events
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