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JCP experienced it firsthand. Price elasticity of demand. At the helm is Ulman who lead the company for the past seven years prior to being replaced two years ago.

In addition, Johnson was stubborn and did not believe in conducting research with his new marketing strategy at a few select stores before he rolled it out to all the stores Kumar, Ostlund, This has been a highly appropriate step by the management that grants the management of company a way to survive in this drastically changing environment.

Unfortunately for Johnson, his confusing pricing strategy did not catch on with loyal JCP shoppers. Another more transparent decision rule that should have been followed for Johnson was using the Maximin Decision Rule MDR which is the practice of choosing choose the alternative that has the highest maximum value and the lowest minimum outcome Douglas,Ch.

What's Wrong With JC Penney &nbspResearch Paper

It is a company that has a strong corporate governance, but due to poor managerial economic decisions, J. Retrieved on June 2, from http: Penney sets high corporate social responsibility for itself.

The most important change in management style is a need for distributing authority and accountability and decentralizing the operations on the basis of the product range. JCP is now looking to regain its standing in the department stores war.

This was partially due to the volatility that has occurred in the company and the industry in general. Penney stock used to move back and forth between twenty-five and forty-five bucks but it started to crater at the start of January until it bottomed out in the latter half of Penney went through a spiral for nearly 18 months before the bleeding stop.

Along with the decision variables of product, pricing, placement, and promotion, in managerial economics, decision makers also need to consider the price elasticity of demand or PED.

The impact of food prices on consumption: Although it appeared that Johnson did not seek out an alternative to his plan, perhaps, his best practice should have involved following the MDR concept. The company has tried a number of things to revitalize its position in the industry after market share has plummeted.

Importance of innovative management style and a suitable style for JC Penney is also considered in the given paper. At times, decision makers forget to consider and ask consumers what they want versus just believing or thinking consumers want change.

The company has suffered major profit and value decline because of many reasons. These include employee distrust and growing employee turnover, a quick change in the Chief Executives because of wrong strategic decisions, problems in identifying the customers need and gaining customer satisfaction, etc.

Moreover, throughout the entire process effective communication with the employees is very important and participation of employees in this process will ensure successful implementation of the customer relationship management.

They wanted to feel that they were getting a bargain versus just paying for one simple price. During those years of operation the company has seen a drastic change in management.

For this, this management has to go for a bottom up approach and bring change from the low level employees rather than top level employees. Revenue has also taken a major fall but it has also stabilized.

Indicate the organizational impact of these decisions. And the similarity between all three of them is that they failed miserably. The latest figures for J.JC Penney – Strategic Leadership Subject: Business We are going to analyse JC Penney, one the largest American retailers with revenues of 17, million US$ and ranked in the list of Fortune This firm had negative economic indicators infor that reason it changed of CEO.

The new CEO Mr. Johnson Continue reading "JC Penney – Strategic Leadership".

Management Styles Used by JC Penney's Management&nbspResearch Paper

History of Jcpenney and Target In: Business and Management Submitted By blcolvin Words Pages 8 Research Paper – Oranizational Change at Jcpenney former partners, Mr. Penney as the president and major shareholder.

J.C. Penney: Creating America’s Favorite Store Essay

JC Penney became a public traded listed company on the New York Stock Exchange in (Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. Excerpt from Research Paper: management styles used by JC Penney's management and pros and cons of each era of management. The paper begins with a general introduction of the management and then by answering the questions asked.

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Penney: Creating America’s Favorite Store specifically for you Department store JC penney revives abandoned pricing strategy. (). Retail Week, Retrieved ProQuest Central. doi: synonyms and word definitions to make your research paper well-formatted and your essay highly.

Jc penney research paper
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