Portfolio assignment

Typically, students and teachers contribute samples to a working folder as they are created. The possible solutions I describe below will assume that you have chosen an option that includes at least some paper products.

If the student and teacher are the primary readers, less context is needed. Typically the teacher keep the contents of the portfolio as they are usually stored in the classroom. However, it is important to remember there are no hard rules about portfolios. In its most basic form, a portfolio is simply a collection of work, usually accompanied by commentary that explains the purpose of the collection and the reason for including particular items.

How might the selection take place? Some work never makes it home, some is lost, some is hidden, etc.

To share the portfolio with parents, many schools host Portfolio Nights, at which students often guide their parent or parents through the story of their work. What I will describe below are just a few Portfolio assignment the many possible avenues for selecting which samples will be included in a portfolio.

As many of you Portfolio assignment probably encountered, when students are first asked to respond to prompts such as "I selected this piece because What kind of information will be needed to orient a reader to the purpose and content of the portfolio?

Although the evaluation is serious, and graduation might even hinge on it, no classroom grade may be assigned. On the other hand, including the student in the decision-making process of determining appropriate types of samples for inclusion might be more critical for a growth portfolio to promote meaningful reflection.

Anyone can be involved in the processes of selection, reflection and evaluation of a portfolio. Progress Portfolio A progress portfolio is used to demonstrate the development of knowledge and skills over time. How will you evaluate the organization of the portfolio and its visual design?

If the focus of the grading is primarily on whether the samples of student work within the portfolio demonstrate certain competencies, the criteria within the rubric will target those competencies. Think about how you will assess the portfolio as you are writing the assignment instructions.

As work samples are produced they are stored in the working folder. For example, Evaluating competencies. Depending on its purpose, students might have also included reflections on growth, on strengths and weaknesses, on goals that were or are to be set, on why certain samples tell a certain story about them, or on why the contents reflect sufficient progress to indicate completion of designated standards.

But we do not give sufficient attention to the processes required to create those products or outcomes, the processes involved in self-diagnosis and self-improvement, or the metacognitive processes of thinking.

So, the portfolio provides some evidence of attainment of those standards. To effectively communicate with the teacher about a body of work, the student may be asked to write a brief introduction or overview capturing her perceptions of the progress for a growth portfolio or accomplishments for a showcase portfolio reflected in the collection of work.

Does some work get sent home before it is put in the portfolio? Audiences beyond the classroom, school and family An external audience for student work can serve to motivate students to give more attention to and take more seriously their performance.

Help students to see the connection between what you are doing in class and what they are being asked to do in their e-portfolios. Moreover, other interested members of the school and local community can recognize and celebrate the accomplishment.

Conferencing typically takes several forms: Reflection itself is a skill that enhances the process of skill development and virtually all learning in innumerable settings.

Designing a Portfolio Assignment

Students need to engage in multiple reflective activities.Sample Portfolio Assignment And, if there was ever an assignment designed to help you to think, to analyze, this is it.

3. instruction, and your writing should. THE BUCKNELL PORTFOLIO ASSIGNMENT1 During your student teaching semester, you will be asked to demonstrate a variety of competencies that, taken together, ensure that you are on your way to becoming an excellent.

Portfolio Assignment ( points) Students will analyze and synthesize the financial reports of an organization of their choice and present their findings in a PowerPoint presentation (with completed Notes section providing details of analysis and synthesis of information to presented points.

Paper Portfolio: As you know, the most common form of portfolios is a collection of paper products such as essays, problem sets, journal entries, posters, etc.

Most products produced in classrooms are still in paper form, so it makes sense to find ways to collect, select from and reflect upon these items. Portfolio Assignment. 1. Create a table of contents for your projected portfolio 2.

List the tasks that will be required to complete your portfolio 3. List any lost or missing content that would ideally be in your portfolio, and any plans to recover or reproduce that content A portfolio is a collection of items organized in a notebook.

Designing a Portfolio Assignment. In deciding how to use an online portfolio, consider the following topics and questions. Defining the Purpose and Audience. What is the purpose of the portfolio in relation to your learning objectives?

What role does the portfolio play in the course as a whole?

Portfolio assignment
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