Retail case studies with solutions

With two stores in Chicago, a web business, a catalog business, and on Amazon integration. Top 10 Retailer Reaps Big Benefits From New Battery Solution For Mobile Devices A well-known, Top 10 retailer was experiencing significant problems with its voice and data barcode scanners and printers mobile devices in its scores of Distribution Centers and thousands of stores nationwide.

Reduced the requirement of VPN tunnels to 5.

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Leveraged a cloud-hosted management and gateway solution to achieve unprecedented control and visibility of traffic to SaaS applications. Previous to this project, the company had been using ServiceChannel primarily as a work order management platform.

Positioned the company to easily add or change cloud applications and services in future based on business needs without complicating or compromising their network integrity or configuration.

Retail IT Case Studies

Another byproduct of their desire not to backhaul traffic through the data center was that each traffic flow from a branch site to each of the five AWS instances required a separate VPN tunnel. The cloud-based gateways also provide the bookend for optimizing application performance.

SinceBlue Banana had used a standard retail epos system. Zscaler security integration became a cinch, VPN tunnels were reduced from to 5, and application access directly over branch office Internet links to cloud locations was optimized by leveraging cloud-based gateways.

Retail Case Studies

And the Yourcegid Retail software is particularly good for stocktaking. Sanders has been a Retail IT client for many years, however, the company had begun to outgrow its previous system and was looking at the other options available.

While Office improved overall employee productivity, this company found that they lost control and visibility of traffic flowing from branch locations directly to cloud-based services.

Established over 30 years ago, Sanders Lifestyle Footwear is a family run firm and niche retailer specialising in comfort footwear. It has saved us staff hours a year. They desired to optimize application performance by steering traffic directly to the SaaS applications—therefore, not to backhaul traffic through the data center—but this impaired network efficiency as there was no longer a head-end performance bookend, the traditional role of the data center, for this cloud-destined traffic.

Like every retail organization, Quik-E can cite numerous examples of theft, fraud and inventory errors that have cost the business thousands of dollars in lost revenue. As the branch office sites were Internet-connected, they wanted to leverage cloud-based security, but found the integration complex and cumbersome to manage—integration with Zscaler required a VPN tunnel from each branch office site to Zscaler to enable cloud security services.

Enabled the integration of Zscaler cloud security for all sites in a matter of minutes. The hosted SD-WAN management solution delivered simple, one-click access to deploy new sites, to make changes to existing sites, to integrate with Zscaler security, and to add new cloud applications.Read our customer case studies to see how our expertise is solving real world retail and supply chain planning challenges.

Microsoft Dynamics ® retail case studies. With industry solutions in retail, RSM has a long history of implementing Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions to. Flying High! If your about on your holidays this year you might notice some beautiful new retail layouts at Read More.

Implemented by strategic partner Retail IT, Intersport UK piloted Cegid’s YourCegid Retail solution, which integrated point of sale with. Our retail supply chain case studies introduce RELEX implementations in companies including Booths, YNAP and LifeWay. Read them to know more.

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Case Studies Intense competition spreads in today’s retail sector as markets become more crowded, Internet shopping grows in popularity and margins grow increasing slim. Many retailers are calling for better information technology solutions to modernize their supply chains, streamline back-office operations or help expand their national presence.

Retail case studies with solutions
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