Speech on environment for grade 5 6

In such busy, crowded and advanced life we must take care of such types of small bad habits on daily basis. I learn the piano, violin, trumpet, drums insert whatever instrument Speech Topics for Children - Food The best meal in the world is The main purpose of my speech today over the environment is only to increase the public awareness among common people about the reasons of declining environment as well as need of healthy and natural environment for the life on earth.

Short Speech on Environment

Increasing human population needs more land for agricultural cultivation and living purpose which force them to cut more trees and forests so the deforestation has its own dangerous side effects. Environment Essay 3 words Environment means all the natural surroundings such as land, air, water, plants, animals, solid material, wastes, sunlight, forests and other things.

It is the impact of human beings on nature in the form of technology and industry that has created so many consequences which are social.

In winter I love to ski, ice skate We are keeping our lives in danger as well as existence of life in future on this planet. The best on-line games are Harmful smokes created from the industrial companies on daily basis are polluting the natural air which affects our health to a great extent as we breathe it every moment.

Artificially prepared fertilizers by using harmful chemicals are spoiling the soil which indirectly getting collected into our body through the food we eat daily. My favorite recipe is Environment is the surrounding in which we live.

How to write using invisible ink. Poisoning of rivers, seas and underground resources.

Environment Essay

We should be sure that new technologies would never disturb the ecological balance. However, manmade reasons are more rampant caused due to the reckless and the caustic human nature are highly responsible for the environmental pollution. Among all of the above, the most damaging pollutants are fossil fuels and have been one of the most significant contributing factors to the global environmental pollution problem of the time.

The depletion of natural resources such as: Our whole life is dependent to the environment. Thus, environmental pollution has become the biggest problem we are facing today.

How to invent and use a coded language. Speech on Environmental Pollution Article shared by: The indiscriminate use of environment is the root of ecological crisis. The topic of my speech is Environment.

Not only that, they also cause water pollution. The best examples for air pollution are some of the cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Kanpur, and Cuttack and the burning example for water pollution is the highly polluted water of the Ganga River in our country.

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It has resulted into the following environmental problems: Society is playing a vital role in spoiling, denigrating and degeneration of environment. Self centred human activities are highly responsible for the destruction of the environment.

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Short Speech on Environmental Pollution

A society is the organization of a population but the size and characteristics of any population depend upon the sustaining environment. The most common pollutants causing environmental pollution, or say, unhealthy environment are usually chemicals, garbage, and waste water.

In an elementary understanding, environmental pollution is a situation when the natural environment is unable to process the changes that are being brought about by human activities.

Modem society itself is now utterly dependent on technical intervention and technological harnessing of the forces of nature. The depletion of living organism—loss of biodiversity, the rapidly extinction of many animal species, collapsing of fisheries, etc.

We should reduce the amount of waste, throwing wastes properly to its place only, stop using poly bags, reuse some old things in new ways, repair and use broken things instead of throwing it away, see how much it would take to repair them, use rechargeable batteries or renewable alkaline batteries, make use of fluorescent light, rain water conservation, reduce water wastage, energy conservation, minimum use of electricity, etc.The main purpose of my speech today over the environment is only to increase the public awareness among common people about the reasons of declining environment as well as need of healthy and natural environment for the life on earth.

Our Environment is a very essential part of our life. It is the main source for us to live in and get food from, to eat, play, work, enjoy, walk, breath, hear or drink.

The environment is basically the atmosphere, and surrounding geographical area/5(). Short Speech on Environmental Pollution! Environmental pollution or ecological disorder is now a global phenomenon with regional variations in its nature and extent.

Now, when there is anxiety and debate on this startling issue, countries are entangled in accusing one another for polluting the environment. As you can see the variations of school speech topics for children are vast! Other resources for children's speech topics and speeches If you've found nothing here to ignite your imagination do try this page of 50+ elocution topics for kids.

Environment is the source of life. It not only directs but also determines the existence, growth and development of human beings and all their activities. The quality of our social life depends mostly on the quality of the natural environment. Primitive man was solely dependent for its existence (food, water and shelter, etc.) on the [ ].

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Environment Speech

Speech On Environment For Grade 5 6. GRADE AGE OF MACHINES I) Complete the following sentences: i) The age in which we live can be called the.

Speech on environment for grade 5 6
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