Technikum wien master thesis outline

Finally a qualitative analysis of some well-known Mixed Reality apps and games will be performed with the research goal of finding suitable mechanics for Mixed Reality apps in the field of travelling.

Please download the application form and follow the instructions below. InAsirvatham and Hoppe further improved on that technique by intensively utilizing modern graphics hardware in order to achieve even better performance.

They can also work in the exciting fields of computer simulation and visualization. Multitasking using a job system with fibers David Portisch, MSc Job systems are used in game engines and games to utilize the CPU cores as well as possible through multi-threading.

A test scene was constructed to compare these algorithms. Unfortunately, it will take a number of years until the first truly holographic displays are available. Therefore, in this thesis a thread-based and fiber-based job system were implemented for the Windows and the PS4 platform.

Technikum wien master thesis outline check whether their detection performance improves, they are combined, in group as well as individually, with a texture-based classifier and re-evaluated.

Informatics, TU Vienna

Aljosha Judmayer Cryptography Cryptographic engineering for security applications: Please use the code number [] when indicating our institution as a score recipient.

The hearings will be scheduled for Juneand attendance is mandatory costs for the travel to Vienna will be covered within reasonable limits. It works by not rendering models that are fully occluded by other models within the scene. To classify the different types of moral systems in video games and to show their different possibilities and peculiarities, a new framework is postulated and its suitability is ensured by an exemplary video game implementation.

Therapy of injured people can take a long period of time. Finally, this technique was implemented in the game engine Unity in order to benefit from its features and so it can be easily incorporated in other Unity applications. At least one of your referees should have a scientific background.

Due to administrative reasons re-submissions will only be possible for very good reasons that need to be justified. It has consistently been number one in the Mercer ranking for the last seven years.

Bachelor | Master | PhD – Thesis Supervision

It renders the terrain as a set of nested rectangular grids of different resolutions, which are centered about the viewer. In contrast to Kinect training systems on the market, this prototype considers the individuality of each patient, due to the fact that they have individual injuries and complaints.

This algorithms was also heavily optimized using multi-threading and vectorization with SSE. Application The prerequisite for becoming a PhD student is a finished master degree or equivalent, preferably with distinction, in the following fields: TOEFL score of at least paper-based, computer-based, or 81 internet-based.

Master Theses

However, since the gaming industry could most likely profit from these devices it makes sense to explore them even now.Martin Wotawa, Entwicklung der Avionik fuer ein UAV, Master Thesis, University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, Department of Embedded Systems, [T2] Thomas Lukasch, Praezise Messung des kinematischen Zustandes eines UAV in Pistennaehe, Master Thesis, University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien.

After my long-continued recovery, I changed to the UAS Technikum Wien, where I studied the master of Healthcare and Rehabilitation Technology with the main motive of 3D printing solutions for artificial limb manufacturing through CAD/CAM MSc in Healthcare and.

Selected projects during master's program in International Business and Engineering and bachelors in Sports Equipment Technology at the FH Technikum Wien. Master Theses. Hot Patching Running C++ Code This master thesis presents the development of a rehabilitation system, which uses Microsoft’s low-cost motion capture sensor Kinect v2, for supervised rehabilitation at home.

Fachhochschule Technikum Wien, Höchstädtplatz 6, Wien, +43 1 40 Bachelor | Master | PhD – Thesis Supervision Education is a core activity of SBA Research, and complements and supports our core, research-intensive activities.

Game Engineering and Simulation Technology: the game development degree program

We aim at providing high-quality of education in postgraduate and undergraduate studies as well as secondary education, continuing education and in trainings. The University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien focuses on bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in various technological domains.

These are based on a solid scientific foundation with a high degree of industrial relevance. Summary of your diploma / master thesis A short summary of the thesis in English (maximum characters.

Technikum wien master thesis outline
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