Terms of reference for power projects

On a project finance project such as a toll road or IPP project then legal, technical, financial, tax, environmental, insurance and perhaps economic advisors will be needed.

What is a Terms of Reference?

Is travel time of adviser charged at full rate? Power transmission characteristics and network offtake capacity and technical conditions, behavior and operation of the wind farms and individual wind turbine verify reactive power requirements ; e.

The load analysis prepared by the turbine manufacturer. Prepare elevation model using available dataset. Billing — monthly, in arrears, charge for late payment etc. The IE will perform the work in an efficient manner and will avoid unnecessary expenses by assigning appropriate personnel, utilizing appropriate means of communication, optimizing travel schedules and through other appropriate means without compromising the thoroughness or quality of the work.

Review and opine on wind farm design, including review of macro and micro siting, wake effects, and potential upwind development effects; d. Adequacy of liquidated damages, guarantees, warrantees and indemnities, performance guarantees, bonuses, contract price, and contingencies.

Clean and perform quality checks of purchased long term data, particularly from nearby meteorological stations; e. The IE shall provide an independent estimation of the Project completion date as well as recommendation for delay contingencies. However, there are advantages to hiring each advisor directly to monitor the advisor and give instructions and receive advice from each particular advisor.

Construction Contractors support, post completion technical risks; g. What is the reporting line? Does the client have a preferred list of local advisors or is it willing to let international advisor choose its preferred advisor?

Prepare wind shear analysis based on site data.

What is the fee structure? Adequacy of turbine availability guarantee. How are these specified persons to be tied into the bid? Payment terms, including impact of potential shortfalls in energy production; c. Reasonableness of tariff adjustment mechanism; b.

Perform quality checks on site wind datasets. Technical data inputs and calculations for accuracy, reasonableness and consistency with projection of energy production, project contracts and permits; b.Columbia Power Corporation Board Manual TERMS OF REFERENCE FOR THE MAJOR CAPITAL PROJECTS COMMITTEE mi-centre.com Page 1 of 4.

TERMS OF REFERENCE POWER GENERATION PLANTS This generic Terms of Reference (TOR) is applicable to the construction or development of Power Generation Plants including hydro-electric, and post construction plans.

For projects to be done on a phased basis it is expected that all phases be clearly defined, the relevant time. 1 Terms of Reference for Consultancy Services: The development and implementation of a Renewable Energy Fund in support of Independent Power Producer (IPP) Projects.


Background The firm shall have experience in project management and supervisory work on power transmission projects as well as implementation of SCADA/LDC projects of at least 10 years. The manual follows the structure of a generic format of terms of reference as set by the European Union (EU) procurement rules and administrative guidelines for the implementation of EU-financed external aid programmes and projects.

Terms of Reference: Technical Due Diligence Wind Power Project Terms of Reference: Technical Due Diligence Wind Power Project.

Presentation by the IFC on Technical Due Diligence for Wind Energy Projects I.

Project Background h. review other items listed in the Terms of Reference.

Terms of reference for power projects
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