Writing a family of origin paper sample

Poverty and the family 7. Was your family affected by the Depression? What values did you try to raise your children with? How did you or they immigrate?

Papers may be written in the 1st person and must include a minimal of 6 scholarly works at least 3 in Section 3. You may or may not have discussed it in section 2. How would you say the world has changed since you were young? Is this question part of your Assignment?

What forms of discipline did you use and why? If the family member belongs to a group that has traditionally been discriminated against: Did you or anyone close to you serve in a war? Intergenerational patterns You must give specific behavioral examples to back up your analysis. Communication styles and patterns What activities did the family do together?

You may create your own theme or select from the following list: What was most satisfying to you about raising children? What was most difficult? When did your family first buy these items? What family traditions did you try to establish? Children Describe the birth of your children.

What were their relationships with each other and with you like when they were young? The effects of alcoholism or addiction on the family 2. You will also need to give specific behavioral examples to illustrate your theme as it plays out in your family of origin.

The effects of violence or abuse 6. How did you go about doing that? Also, ask about historically significant events the family member lived through: The role of ritual in the family Does your family have any heirlooms or objects of sentimental value?

Gender roles within the family What were some of your or their experiences and difficulties of beginning a life in a new country? Who were your role models?

Family of Origin

Gay and lesbian families 3. Marriage or Formation of Significant Relationships When and where did you meet? For example, it is not sufficient to state that there were strong intergenerational boundaries, rather, you should discuss the specific behaviors that demonstrated that those boundaries existed.

Ongoing interests and hobbies What has provided you the greatest satisfaction in life? Why did you or they immigrate? How have they changed or not changed? Did you experience discrimination? Models of marriage How did you express your political opinions?” —Alex Haley This quote shows that finding our family origins and family history are very important.

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I must say that my views towards family of origin were changed. A typical family comprised of responsible parents, relatives. Social History” by Katherine Scott Sturdevant and Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, Betterway Books.

♦Book: “Record and Remember: Tracing Your Roots Through Oral History” by Jane Lewit and Ellen Epstein, Madison Books. ♦Family Tree Magazine. August ♦Writing Family Histories and Memoirs by Kirk Polking, Writer's Digest Books. However, for the purpose of this paper I will focus on the structure of my family of origin.

My family consists of my father, Gerald, my mother, Alma, and three children: Michelle, the eldest, Jennifer, the middle child, and myself the youngest child.

Our family structure was governed by familial roles, rules, and expectations (Nichols, ). In this paper I will outline my family of origin as it is today and as it was in the past.

There will be a brief discussion of my attitudes toward sexuality along with conditioning correlated to my perception, adopted beliefs and values, and how they have remained the same or evolved from my past to the present day/5(1).

Writing a family of origin paper sample
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