Writing a policy and procedure document template

Do not rename, delete or add sections to the template. Policy — main text of the policy.

Exceptions to the style guide: Additional Authority — list of statute, regulation, State Board policy, Executive Order, or other relevant authority governing the policy. Policy and Procedures Writing Guide Drafting a Policy — Policy Format all policies must follow a standard format see Policy Template to ensure consistency between policies.

Forms associated with the procedure should be linked in the document. Policies should be clear and concise and written in the third person.

Policy Number — for new policy drafts, this section should remain blank until a number is assigned by the Policy Group. Do not version date the name of the file, as this will change the URL of the file when it is posted online.

Follow the guidelines for each section as stated within the template. When using acronyms, spell out the words the first time, then indicate the acronym in parenthesis, e. Capitalize all terms defined in the policy, as well as those defined in the central Policy Glossaryeach time they are used.

Policy and Procedures Writing Guide

Effective and Revised Dates — to be determined by Policy Group. Procedures should be consistent with the policy section. Words should be selected carefully. For example, all employees, or all credit card payments.

Do not abbreviate months, even when used with a specific date. Do not underline subheadings or words that need to be stressed in a sentence.

12 Policy and Procedure Templates to Download

A contact phone number should also be included, but due to the difficulty associated with updating information, please do not name specific contact employees.

Procedure -includes the steps necessary to comply with the policy, with sufficient detail that end users will readily understand how to comply with the policy mandates. There are no templates for operating procedures or system-wide guidelines. For revisions, this number will remain unchanged.

Capitalize titles of individuals at Purdue when the title is referring to a specific person e. Scope — to who or what does the policy apply?

Responsible Party — list unit, department, college or other pertinent area responsible for administering or enforcing policy. Definitions — uncommon words or words with meanings unique to higher education should be defined and listed in alphabetical order.

Young Hall, 10th Floor S. Related documents should be version dated in either the header or footer of the document to ensure the most current version is being used.

Contact Information Ernest C. Below is a description of the information that should be included under each major heading.

The later infers that the action is optional, which makes the need for the policy or standard questionable. Rather, use the heading styles in Microsoft Word if it is a subheading or put it in italics if the word needs to be stressed e. Policy Statements range from sentences to a paragraph in length, depending upon the subject matter.

Leave titles that refer to a group of people in lowercase e. Do not use information that may quickly become outdated such as employee names or web addresses. Underlined words can be mistaken for hyperlinks when the policy is posted online.

Policy Statement — the policy statement provides a rationale for the policy, including underlying philosophy of the policy and what the policy hopes to accomplish. Follow the Purdue University Editorial Style Guide career account login required for access for rules regarding punctuation, capitalization, etc.

Avoid the use of acronyms and the words "Purdue," "University" and "policy. For questions not addressed in the writing guide, please contact policyinfo boisestate.12 Policy and Procedure Templates to Download.

their policies and procedures, which help them to operate successfully on a daily basis. I am sure that without such a policy document, Financial Management Policy and Procedure Template.

mi-centre.com Download. Accounting Procedure and Policy Template. mi-centre.com Therefore a good Policy and Procedure Template provides you with a structure that you can use over and over again to ensure a consistent writing style that includes all.

Writing Standard Operating Procedures, also known as an SOP template, will allow you to standardize your procedures, get started quickly, and provide fast, easy answers to common Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) questions. Why Free Sample Policies and Procedures Template?

So what does a typical sample procedure template look like? What does a specific Policy manual cover? Writing and Formatting Policies and Supporting Documents. Templates Policy Glossary Grammar and Style Rules Titles Handling Hyperlinks and Related Documents Templates System-Wide Policies and Standards.

All new or substantially revised system-wide policies and standards must be written using the current template. The overall goal for any policy or procedure document is for the design to be simple, consistent, and easy to use.

Writing and Formatting Policies and Supporting Documents

In order to ensure a consistent format between.

Writing a policy and procedure document template
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